SNEI is 51% Women & Minority owned and is currently certified through the WRMSCD, CPUC and NDOT as: WBE, MBE, DBE & SBE
51% Woman & Minority OwnedStatement of QualificationsCapability Statement

51% Woman & Minority Owned

Southern Nevada Environmental, Inc. (SNEI) is a certified Woman and Minority-Owned small Business Enterprise, with offices in Las Vegas NV and Victorville CA. SNEI is recognized by the CPUC Supplier Clearinghouse as a WMBE in both Nevada and California, and by NDOT as a DBE & SBE. Clients across the country have come to rely on SNEI whenever they need to address tough environmental issues. Professionalism, an intimate knowledge of the field and astute technical ability have made SNEI what it is – the first choice in environmental services. SNEI has offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and Victorville, California, offering availability throughout the western United States while keeping costs to a minimum. Both offices are full-service and capable of rapidly and seamlessly combining resources. SNEI was ranked the #1 Las Vegas Valley Environmental Services Company, in the September 2003 issue of In Business Las Vegas.

Statement of Qualifications

SNEI has been a leader in environmental services since 1991, working with private contractors and developers, as well as federal, state and local governments, to address a wide range of environmental issues.

A fully licensed and insured environmental consulting firm, SNEI was initially founded to provide mitigation services when the desert tortoise was listed as an endangered species. SNEI has expanded its scope of services in the areas of sensitive species mitigation and management with a focus on construction monitoring and proactive problem solving.

From its beginnings, SNEI has become one of the Southwest’s most highly trained and sought after environmental consulting firms, providing a broad range of services backed by a field-tested staff. As a team, SNEI maintains the highest standards within the environmental community by demonstrating expertise and knowledge of an extensive array of sensitive plant and animal species.

Capability Statement

The Best Choice!
SNEI is an environmental consulting firm with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and Victorville, California. Our team of degreed biologists are in-house trained to provide mitigation services for sensitive, threatened, and endangered species in the Mojave Desert, with emphasis on the desert tortoise and migratory birds on both small and large-scale construction projects. SNEI has over 25 years of experience working with large utility companies, private contractors, and Federal, State, and local governments.

A Step Above

  • Extensive in-house Mojave Desert training program
  • Diverse utility construction experience, problem solvers, work well with construction crews
  • Excellent customer service
  • Full-time administrative staff
  • Performance driven and reliable

Professional Services
Desert Tortoise Services

  • Presence and Absence Surveys & Clearances
  • Desert Tortoise Construction Monitoring
  • Desert Tortoise Health Assessments
  • Desert Tortoise Worker Training Program

Avian Services

  • Migratory Bird Surveys & Nest Monitoring
  • Burrowing Owl Surveys & Clearances
  • Avian Point Count Surveys
  • Raptor Surveys & Nest Monitoring
  • Bald & Golden Eagle Surveys & Monitoring

Botanical Services

  • Noxious & Invasive Weed Surveys
  • Noxious Weed Abatement Monitoring

Additional Biological Services

  • Reptile and Amphibian Surveys
  • Small Mammal Surveys

Some of our Past and Present Clients with Excellent Reviews!

  • Southern California Gas Company
  • Kern River Gas Transmission Company
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  • Valley Electric Association, Inc.
  • BrightSource Energy, Inc.
  • Duke Energy Corporation
  • Caltrans
  • Moapa Band of Paiutes
  • Fort Irwin U.S. Army Base
  • 29 Palms Marine Corps
  • Tetra Tech, Inc.
  • Wood
  • City of Victorville

Current/Past Experience

  • Gas Pipelines
  • Transmission / Fiber Optic Lines
  • Renewable Energy
  • Transportation / Roadways
  • Water / Wastewater Lines
  • Commercial & Residential Development
  • Public Facilities

DBE Certifications

  • Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)
  • Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE)
  • Disadvantaged Owned Business Enterprise (DBE)
  • Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

Certifications Through

  • California Public Utility Commission (CPUC)
  • Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)
  • West Region Supplier Development Counsel (WRMSDC)


541620 – Environmental Consulting Services
541690 – Biological Consulting Services
541370 – GIS Base Mapping Services

CAGE Code: 38SX2

DUNS Number: 149527942

ISNet World: 400-516860 – “A” Contractor Grade

Desert Tortoise Conservation Center/TranslocationSurveysPetroleum Pipe LinesTransmission LinesDetention Basins & Water LineFiber Optic Lines

Desert Tortoise Conservation Center/Translocation

Clark County Desert Tortoise Transfer and Holding Facility

  • Handled 16,000+ Desert Tortoises Over 16 Years
  • County Wide Desert Tortoise Hotline & Pick Up Services
  • Collected 1,350 Desert Tortoises Annually

Burea of Land Management Desert Tortoise Conservation

  • Care & Husbandry for 1,700 Research Desert Tortoises Annually
  • Coordinated & Worked with Researchers from USFWS, BLM, NDOW, National Park Service, Smithsonian

Clark County Desert Tortoise Translocation Program

  • Translocated 7,000 Desert Tortoises to the Large-Scale Translocation Study Site (LSTS) for Over 11 Years
  • Coordinated & Worked with USFWS, USGS Biological Division & UNR


Castle Mountain Clearance Survey Project

  • Provided a desert tortoise clearance survey for the Castle Mountain Mine on an estimated 1,133 acres of BLM and private land
  • Deployed multiple teams of survey groups
  • Conducted two passes of five meter transects to transverse the entire project site
  • All burrows were collapsed to USFWS protocols

Clark County Wigwam and Torrey Pines Park Project:

  • Monitor installation of fence
  • Conduct a Desert Tortoise Clearance Survey on 15 acres of BLM land
  • Provide quarterly fence inspections

BLM Sloan Canyon Visitor Center Project

  • Conduct a presence/absence survey for desert tortoise
  • Conduct an inventory and reporting of cacti and yucca
  • Conduct a sensitive botanical and noxious weed assessment survey

SNWA On-Call MSA Project

  • Our professional service agreement is to provide on-call biologists for any biological needs on their projects in Clark County, Nevada.
  • Conduct desert tortoise exclusionary fence inspections at SNWA’s varies locations
  • Conduct desert tortoise mitigation for construction projects
  • Conduct migratory bird nest surveys during the nesting season

Las Vegas Springs Preserve

  • Las Vegas Valley Water District
  • 40 Acre Inventory on the Original Well Sites in the Las Vegas Valley
  • Species of concern Las Vegas Bear Poppy & Las Vegas Pocket Mouse

McCarren International Airport Wildlife Hazard Assessment

  • Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada

Bright Source Energy Rio Mesa & Sonoran West Solar Projects

  • Near Blythe, California
  • Proposed Solar Projects
    • Rio Mesa Approx. 7,411 Acres
    • Sonoran West Approx. 7,735 Acres

Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System

  • Ivanpah, California
  • Provided 7 Biologists Per Day

Coyote Springs Residential Master Planned Community

  • Coyote Springs, Nevada
  • 12,000 Acre Survey & Clearance

Petroleum Pipe Lines

SoCal Gas Projects

Project Summary: SNEI has a direct agreement with SoCal Gas to provide support on their Operation and Maintenance, Pipeline Integrity, and PSEP /Projects, as needed for any activities occurring on natural gas pipelines throughout Southern California.

Responsibilities include: Perform ESA Section 7 and Section 10 biological monitoring and SWPPP compliance for various pipeline and facility maintenance projects throughout the Mojave Desert. Ensure project compliance with sensitive species which include the desert tortoise, Coachella Valley fringe-toed lizard, Coachella Valley milk vetch, Mojave fringe-toed lizard, burrowing owl, Mojave ground squirrel and migratory birds. Handle and relocate desert tortoise; excavate burrows; relocate nests. Perform
nesting bird surveys for migratory birds and raptors.

UNEV Pipeline

  • 83 Mile Pipeline from Saint George, Utah to Apex, Nevada
  • Provided Field Contact Representatives
  • Provided 60+ Biologists Per Day Overseeing 200+ Construction Workers.

Kern River Gas Transmission Company Projects

Project Summary: SNEI is contracted to provide biological services on The Kern River Gas Coupon Installation, to monitor construction crews while they conduct maintenance on their natural gas pipeline from Veyo, Utah to Daggett, California.

Responsibilities include: Perform ESA Section 7 and Section 10 biological monitoring compliance for various pipeline and facility maintenance projects throughout the Mojave Desert. Ensure project compliance with sensitive species which include the desert tortoise, burrowing owl, Mojave ground squirrel, Utah Prairie Dog and migratory birds. Handle and relocate desert tortoise; excavate burrows; relocate nests. Perform nesting bird surveys for migratory birds and raptors.

Kern River Gas Transmission Company 2002 – 2003 Expansion Project

  • 343 Mile Expansion Project from Saint George, Utah to Mojave, California
  • Spreads 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10
  • Provided 47+ Biologists Per Day

Transmission Lines

Harry Allen to Mead 500kV Transmission Line

  • 117 Mile Transmission Line from Apex, Nevada to Boulder City, Nevada

Harry Allen to Northwest 500kV Transmission Line

  • 29 Mile Transmission line from Apex, Nevada to Northwest Substation, Nevada

Detention Basins & Water Line

Clark County Regional Flood Control Detention Basins

  • Equestrian Detention Basin
    • 409 Acres
  • Henderson C-1 Detention Basin
    • 1,233 Acres
  • Bird Springs Detention Basin
    • 1,820 Acres
  • Red Rock Detention Basin

Southern Nevada Water Authority River Mountains Treatment & Transmission Facility Project

  • River Mountains, Nevada
  • Provided 12+ Biologists Per Day

Fiber Optic Lines

Level 3 Communications Fiber Optic Cable Installation

  • 128 Mile Fiber Optic Cable from
  • Saint George, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada

FTV Western Build Fiber Optic Cable Installation

  • Northeast of Alamo, Nevada to Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Provided 12+ Biologists Per Day