SNEI is 51% Women & Minority owned and is currently certified through the WRMSCD, CPUC and NDOT as: WBE, MBE, DBE & SBE


Wildlife Biologist

Next training group starts 4/25/22.

SNEI, a 30-year-old Biological Consulting firm based out of Las Vegas NV, is seeking to hire full-time qualified field biologists to become part of our team of biologists working throughout the Mojave Desert (primarily southern Nevada and southern California)

Upon hire, the applicant will attend our next training group, currently scheduled to start on 4/25/22, where they will be supervised on field excursions to learn about the ecology and ecosystems of the Mojave Desert. During these field excursions, the applicant will have the opportunity to encounter wild desert tortoises, learn the behavior, morphology, physiology, anatomy, age-class of the desert tortoise, and document a visual assessment of the tortoise. The applicant will be taught field surveying techniques and will be able to identify sign of the desert tortoise. The applicant will also learn the plants and other reptiles, native to the Mojave Desert.

The applicant will then be placed on projects, where they will shadow a biologist(s) to learn the process of the job and gain a thorough understanding of what will be expected of them. Some of the duties to be expected may include; construction monitoring, performing desert tortoise surveys, fence checks and radio telemetry tracking. Other types of projects may include avian surveys and sensitive plant surveys. The applicant will eventually (after approximately 12 weeks) be submitted to the state and federal agencies for approval as a Desert Tortoise Monitor.

Construction monitoring in desert tortoise habitat involves having biologists present on construction sites (pipelines, electrical transmission lines, solar projects, highway paving, etc.) making sure workers adhere to the state and federal permits of their project, to remain in compliance.

Extreme working conditions

All SNEI biologists are expected to work the project’s schedule. Our team often works overtime (over 40 hours per week) and sometimes on weekends. We work outside in all types of conditions including extreme heat (*120 degrees F)*, relentless sunshine, cold, rainy, and very windy conditions. Our team must complete field surveys on tight schedules and must mirror construction schedules during the construction phases of projects. These schedules tend to be last minute and change often, therefore our biologists need to be very flexible in order to meet the needs of our clients. If you are adaptable, knowledgeable, hard-working and willing to go at a moment’s notice, SNEI might be the right firm for you.


· Bachelor’s degree in a science or related field such as biology, wildlife, environmental science, ecology, botany, etc. , OR have experience doing surveys and construction monitoring, in desert tortoise habitat.

· Able to tolerate standing and/or walking while monitoring heavy construction machinery for 10 hours or more in a single day. Must be able to work outdoors in all types of conditions, including extreme heat and cold for extended periods of time. Must be able to walk 8+ miles per day, sometimes over rough terrain.

· Must be able to work and communicate well with construction crews and other biologists and be a team player.

· Applicant must be able to relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada. Housing near our Las Vegas office is NOT PROVIDED. (Applicants must find their own housing)

. Applicant must be willing to work out of town, and stay in a hotel or other housing accommodations, often for multiple weeks (4-6 days per week), depending on project demands.

· Must have own personal transportation to commute to and from SNEI’s office. Work vehicles are provided for fieldwork to and from the work sites. Knowledge and the ability to drive 4WD vehicles over rough terrain is a plus (DMV driving record for past 3 years required).

· Applicants must be self-motivated, well organized, detail oriented, possess a strong work ethic, and be enthusiastic about conservation.

· Experience with GPS is preferred.

SNEI will provide hotel accommodations when working away from the general vicinity of Las Vegas. SNEI also provides employees with a new model 4×4 work truck to commute to and from the office and project site.

Compensation & Benefits

Upon hire, applicants will be paid as W-2 employees and will be paid every two weeks. SNEI offers a full benefits package to permanent, full-time employees after a probationary period. Benefits include health insurance, accrued paid vacation, paid holidays, and a 401(k) plan with employer matching. Upon approval as a Desert Tortoise Monitor by California Department of Fish and Wildlife, employees will receive a travel bonus and per diem when working out-of-town. 

Salary: Starting at $15+ per hour, depending upon experience and education. Employees are paid for travel time, to-and-from the job site and office. First raise will take effect upon approval as a Desert Tortoise Monitor by California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Qualified applicants should submit a brief cover letter, resume, and contact information for three references to [email protected]


Experienced Applicants:

In addition to our training groups for those with little to no experience, SNEI is always interested in receiving resumes of qualified, experienced applicants in the fields of wildlife biology, botany, ecology, small mammal specialist or any related fields.

Biologists needed for projects within the Mojave Desert to monitor and conserve affected natural resources. Duties to include surveying and monitoring activities for sensitive flora and fauna species, monitoring of construction activity to maintain compliance of state and federal stipulations, relocation of sensitive species, assess and document environmental quality and communicate with contractors and agencies to maintain project stability.

The ideal candidate will have knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Mojave Desert including experience working with the desert tortoise, experience using a GPS, ability to create detailed field notes, and be able to work under extreme field conditions in the desert heat. Candidate must have a Bachelor’s Degree in a wildlife science or a closely related field from an accredited college or university.

SNEI is an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free workplace. Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected].