SNEI is 51% Women & Minority owned and is currently certified through the WRMSCD, CPUC and NDOT as: WBE, MBE, DBE & SBE

Additional Biological

Gila MonsterSNEI has performed numerous project site inventories, pre-construction and preliminary surveys. SNEI’s professional biologists are expertly trained to gather, analyze and disseminate information regarding biological species and ecological communities for private, state and federal clients.

Reptile and Amphibian Surveys

SNEI employs experienced herpetologists who provide  accurate and detailed habitat information regarding amphibian and reptile populations. SNEI’s biological staff can survey drift fences, funnel and bucket traps to document the presence, relative distribution and densities of various species of reptiles and amphibians. 

Small Mammal Surveys

SNEI services also include trapping of both sensitive and non-sensitive species to investigate relationships between habitat features, small mammal relative abundance and diversity. 



Species Experience:    

  •     Banded Gila Monster
  •     Chuckwalla
  •     Coachella Valley Fringe-Toed Lizard
  •     Mojave Fringe-Toed Lizard
  •     Blunt-Nosed Leopard Lizard
  •     Flat Tailed Horned Lizard
  •     Barefoot Banded Gecko 
  •     Amargosa Toad
  •     Relict Leopard Frog
  •     Utah Prairie Dog
  •     Mohave Ground Squirrel
  •     Various Bat Species
  •     Venomous Snakes Awareness Program